Based on the original play also written by Vaughn Taylor, Last Words merges the heart of “A Wonderful Life” into the excitement of the Old West. We all make choices, some good and some bad. This story combines the historical experiences of Bat Masterson and other western legends into an unforgettable tale of hope and redemption.

Bat Masterson became a hero during the final Battle of Adobe Walls but ended his days as a sports editor at a New York newspaper. What happened to change the course of his days?

At a very desperate place in his life, Bat comes face to face with an enigmatic character named Mobius. Having the ability to bend time, you never know if Mobius is an angel or a magician. Utilizing historical incidents from Bat’s life as well as from those of Belle Starr and the Younger Gang, Mobius allows Bat to “look back at the past” yet “see into the future.” Seeing the results of the horrible decisions these villains made makes Bat realize that his choices are the only ones that will determine the outcome of his life.

The effect of these sometimes humorous, powerful and dramatic scenes encourages Bat to go in a different direction and fulfill a destiny that, before Mobius, he never thought was obtainable.

History happens, miracles happen–sometimes they happen together….